Yesterday was one of the hardest-to-forget birthdays in my life. Maybe not the one with the biggest bang but definitely a unique one. One reason being I never had so many people wishing me happy birthday before. Sure, my close friends won’t forget to say the magic words but somehow I don’t usually get this many wishes.
Anyway, this time round I have a friend from Melbourne who happens to be in Jakarta for the occasion so I’m kinda happy. He used to be next door in the place I was staying so we had a lot to catch up. I went out with his friends (who were older than me actually) in the afternoon because I was getting worried he might get lost in Jakarta (hahaha… erm, if you think about it, it could happen you know Jakarta being big and all XD). His friends turned out to be quite the lot (actually only 2 of them). We talked to each other like we were long time friends and it was kind of weird but we had fun anyway. At the end of the day, they bought me a birthday cake (to surprise me actually…) and we ate it but couldn’t finish it so we just cut it into a few pieces and give them to people. The cake was alright but the cream on it was totally out of the RDA reccomendations if you know what I’m saying lol.
Well, so much for yesterday, today nothing much happened other than me trying to study fruitlessly. I think I should continue doing so before I regret it heheheh…
Right. Finally after setting things straight, the Green Automation is ready to go. What this blog is going to be about revolves around my life, gadgets and things that I do. I expect to write reviews for several things including games, computer peripherals, gadgets, cars and others. Please feel free to look at them but they are going to be 100% my opinion so if you tihnk its biased (I’ll try not to be though) don’t feel compelled to follow my advice. Other than that, you might get some insight into the stuff that I review and a little bit about my life too.